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To Tithe or Not?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Two fictitious characters, Tithing Tim, and Grace Giving Gary banter with John Calvin, Augustine, and other true titans of Christendom on the challenging doctrine of tithing.

Tithing Tim is an advocate of tithing, and Grace-Giving Gary is an opponent of tithing – and they have a debate that moves from the Ante-Nicene era of 100–325 CE to the Post-Nicene era of 325–604 CE, and then on to the Middle Ages of 604–1517 CE, where Thomas Aquinas has a lot to say on the matter.

They also journey to the Reformation era of 1517–1648 CE, the Post-Reformation era of 1648–1873 CE, and the Tithing Renewal Era, 1873–present, bantering with the likes of Clement of Alexandria and Martin Luther along the way.

While some people they meet are reluctant to proclaim a pro or con tithing status, others take a hard stance one way or the other.

Hear what Tithing Tim, Grace Giving Gary, and others have to say about tithing and decide for yourself whether tithing is for you.

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