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Dr. Eric's God Talk

For the Everyday Christian

I created this blog for the everyday Christian to read about and respond to various topics


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Dr. Eric in Colorado

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Armored with Readiness

Why you'll want to read this

God Talk is written for the everyday Christian and can be particularly useful for students of the Word. The volume will be especially welcomed by Bible teachers, clergy, and want-to-be theologians. Its attributes include characteristics of Christian leadership, prayer growth, Biblical interpretation, and systematic theology to include the topics of sin, integrity, and marriage. Of note is the cover-to-cover contemplation for the reader that doctrine is for disciples who desire to walk the way of Jesus Christ. Do the deaf hear God's Word? Who wrote the book of Hebrews? What is double predestination? Can you marry the wrong person? What exactly is original sin? From Apostolic Tradition to the Reformation, from the blood and body of Christ to remembrance, from Church tradition to the sacraments, and from fides implicita to sola scriptura, this read is a must for both Catholics and Protestants.

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